Month: August 2018

New in Theaters: August 31, 2018 | Operation Finale

Operation Finale Synopsis: Operation Finale is the thrilling true story follows the 1960 covert mission of legendary Mossad agent Peter Malkin as he infiltrates Argentina and captures Adolf Eichmann, the Nazi officer who masterminded the transportation logistics that brought millions of innocent Jews to their deaths in concentration camps. Studio: MGM Run […]

America’s Got Talent Heads Toward Semi-Finals [updated]

AGT Semi-Finals [Updated: August 21, 2018 Semi-finalists in list at the bottom of the post highlighted in bold] America’s Got Talent (AGT) by design, offers a mixed bag of awesome performances and completely silly, nonsensical and sometimes embarrassing “entertainment” acts. Unlike rival American Idol,  AGT doesn’t focus just on signing, […]

Review: In Facebook Watch ‘Sacred Lies’ A Cult Only Jumping Off Point For Complex Drama

Facebook Watch ‘Sacred Lies’ If you’re looking for an inspired tale of a teenage girl overcoming abuse, misogyny, dillusion and the challenges of juvenile detention then you might want to check out the new Facebook Watch drama web series Sacred Lies. Sacred  Lies is a 10 episode, half-hour drama series on that plays on Facebook  […]