Month: June 2019

Big Plans for WBTVG at San Diego Comic Con 2019

Supergirl Comic Con 2017 Pink Camera Media

Warner Bros. Television Group has shared their plans with us for San Diego Comic Con 2019. With so many series coming to a variety of networks, there is a lot to talk about. This year marks the premiere of Batwoman as she joins the ranks of the Arrowverse after making her debut in the crossover last […]

Review: With Good Omens Amazon Brings Playfulness and Love to the End of the World

Amazon’s Good Omens Brings Playfulness and Love to the End of the World For those inclined to dislike Amazon’s Good Omens without seeing it, you have missed enlightenment and a treat. The Terry Pratchett and Neil Gamin inspired Amazon limited series penned by Gamin challenges convention. It offers up some sacrilege and brings its story to […]

50 Days of Movie Quotes

If you follow us on Instagram, then you saw our posts sharing our favorite movie quotes and TV quotes from sci-fi, fantasy, superhero, and comics. One movie quote per day for 50 days! This is all to commemorate the 50th anniversary of San Diego Comic Con this July. With SDCC launching in 1969 at a […]

Review: Murder Mystery

The combination of Adam Sandler and Netflix could have been comedy gold. The limitless streamer could allow him to design new creative paths for his comedic work that has been adored by fans for decades. Yet, a majority of his work with the streaming giant has fallen flat and made audiences question why they spent […]

Martin Scorsese & Robert De Niro School You in Cinema

Scorsese De Niro Taxi Driver

Inherent to the cinematic creative process is a trust and partnership between the actor and the director. Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro have worked together on multiple films across the last several decades making them the most formidable actor/director duo in the biz. This year, the Tribeca Film Festival hosted a panel of the […]

Review: Shazam!

Shazam! (2019)

Review: Shazam! Gomer Pyle’s catchphrase was “Shazam!” with a drawl. With DC’s Shazam! many joined the erstwhile private in uttering that phrase as the studio of dour and dark turns up the lights. Shazam! delivers a relatively family-friendly, and definitively family-oriented film with this campy Zachary Levi outing. In contrast to the ultimate hard knock […]

ICYMI: First Look Trailer for Batwoman!

Elseworlds, Part 2

We heard midseason last year that our favorite vigilante, Arrow, will soon be leaving. But fear not, citizens of the Arrowverse a new hero will soon join the ranks to join our favorite TV heroes, Batwoman! A first look trailer for Batwoman was shared recently online and I wanted to make sure you saw it! […]

Your June 2019 Viewing Schedule

Toy Story 4, Disney/Pixar, June 21

As TV moves into its summer season, the summer blockbusters start to roll-in. Below we give you the June 2019 viewing schedule for what TV shows are premiering (and ending) and which films you can’t miss! The summer movie season starts out Friday, June 7th with the release of Secret Life of Pets 2 going […]