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Review: Netflix’s Away Needs A Commission to Examine The Program’s Flaws

Away was a disaster waiting to happen. Not because of the production or the talent, but because of the writer and producer Andrew Hinderaker. He wrote on the wall, and in the back of his mind: pile on as many misfortunes as possible. Developed this Netflix series into serious melodrama. Let me start with disaster, […]

Review: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is back. The only problem, he’s supposed to be dead. As we all know from the comics dead rarely if ever equates to permanent death, and Murdock’s death in Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix also proves unreliable. In the season opener, viewers find a battered Murdock returned to his roots […]

Review: Netflix Original Films You May Have Missed This Summer

Netflix has become a home to a variety of original films over the last several years. There are many genres now represented in the Netflix library with new films being released nearly every week. Netflix has been able to drawn in major stars to feature in their flicks creating strong and interesting films. This past […]

What to Watch: First-Ever Critics Choice Super Awards

For far too long fantasy, sci-fi, and similar genre content are unnoticed by the largest of the awards shows. Stand-outs like Game of Thrones and Stranger Things have made their way through to mainstream audiences and given Emmy and Golden Globes attention. Most, though, are written off as they don’t reach cinematic or drama TV standards […]