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Review: Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix

Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) is back. The only problem, he’s supposed to be dead. As we all know from the comics dead rarely if ever equates to permanent death, and Murdock’s death in Marvel’s Daredevil Season 3 on Netflix also proves unreliable. In the season opener, viewers find a battered Murdock returned to his roots […]

Review: Netflix Original Films You May Have Missed This Summer

Netflix has become a home to a variety of original films over the last several years. There are many genres now represented in the Netflix library with new films being released nearly every week. Netflix has been able to drawn in major stars to feature in their flicks creating strong and interesting films. This past […]

Review: Altered Carbon Season 2 Hacks the 2380s But We’re Still Here!

Review: Altered Carbon Season 2 I inhaled Altered Carbon Season 2, the dystopian Netflix series. The first season established the logic of the future (or lack of logic), along with backstories driven by arrogance for longevity among the rich and powerful. This season, don’t look for too many familiar faces as the premise of the show […]

Review: The Witcher Vanquishes All Streaming Fantasy Comers

Review: The Witcher There is a lot of confusion in The Witcher. Broad time leaps propel the audience into various moments and subplots experienced by the immortal warrior. Our understanding of the characters and the overall narrative comes in fits and starts. ideas reveal characters and characters reveal ideas in a recursive stream of narrative […]

Review: The Umbrella Academy: A Magical Mystery Tour of Misfits. 

The Umbrella Academy: a magical mystery tour of misfits.  If the dysfunctional family, often cobbled together through adoption agencies, the foster care system (Shazam) or just picking up babies after an extermination event (Locke & Key), Umbrella Academy, the Netflix series reinforces that trend. Umbrella Academy proves a magical mystery tour of misfits. And of course, […]

Review: Lost in Space Learns to Take Itself More Seriously

Review: Lost in Space Learns to Take Itself More Seriously In the 1960s, Lost in Space did not take itself seriously. The show helped push Star Trek away from deep explorations of human potential toward a “monster of the week” format. Eventually, Star Trek influenced it back as the show moved from planet-bound and trapped to […]