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The And Just Like That... Premiere episodes shocked so many fans, but the show did find its signature style.

In the pilot episode, he analyzed her noting one simple truth about Carrie Bradshaw, “You have never been in love.” At the moment Carrie felt this statement like a blow to her system. Despite her constant talk about love and relationships, he saw what she really wanted and never had.

Over the course of six seasons and two movies, Carrie and Mr. Big’s love felt fleeting. He was unavailable, seeing someone else, married to someone else, but finally landing with Carrie after two attempts at their wedding. She did find her, “can’t live without each other love.” Now….gone again.

For many Sex and the City fans, this new chapter was meant to be an escape back to a glittering and happy New York City following continued pandemic pressures. But, like so many episodes of the original series, this new show recognizes that life can be far from glittering and everything is fleeting. As much as we would like to deny it, this feels more true now than ever.

And Just Like That... | HBO Max
And Just Like That… | HBO Max

Welcome Back

The And Just Like That… premiere episodes reintroduce fans to the world of Sex and the City with thoughts on the pandemic, social distancing, new friends, and old friends. Samantha Jones is not here. From the beginning of this new series, her absence is the primary reason this show is not what it used to be. She brought the sex to Sex and the City. Without her more wild style, the show feels tamer. Carrie blushes at a sex life personal question from her podcast co-host, reminding us that not everyone on this show is as open about it all as Samantha was.

Miranda is trying to find her way into the new world of awareness and inclusion. Though she is struggling. She mumbles her way through human rights law class as a new student trying to avoid the pitfalls of evolving social norms firmly walking into all of them. Cynthia Nixon has not lost sight of strong-willed Miranda, with the story currently pointing to alcoholism and a manhattan midlife crisis.

Kristen Davis sparkles again as Charlotte continues to try to live her best Park Ave. life. Daughters, Lily and Rose, are her main focus while Harry tries to make himself the cool teen dad. Rose is the anti-Charlotte and will presumably continue to push for her own identity as the series moves on. Pushing to prove her kid’s talent, Charlotte guilt-trips Carrie into attending Lily’s piano concert despite plans in the Hamptons, leaving Big time for a Peloton bike ride.

What If

What if Carrie and Big had left for the Hamptons early? What if Big had made a call? What if Big didn’t go for the ride? What if Carrie showed up sooner? These are the questions that floated in the air after the ending of the first episode. Carrie’s familiar voice-over says, “and just like that, Big died.” A jarring move by a new show to kill a lead character in the first episode.

Another blow to her system. The road they traveled was long and complicated, yet they ended up with the life together they both were nearly too scared and damaged to pursue.

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What’s Next

The second episode focuses on Big’s funeral. A mournful, yet thoughtful farewell to this Big character. Though there will now be a Big hole in this show. The second episode found the show’s brand of humor to offer levity to the audience. With a 45-min runtime per episode, it is unclear if this show is comedy or drama, but like life, it leans heavily into both.

This show is not perfect as some scenes come out more cringey than enlightening. (And they lose one star for killing Mr. Big.) But with eight more episodes it remains to be seen if this feel-good show will once again make us feel good with such a dark start.

What did you think of the And Just Like That… premiere episodes? Leave your notes in the comments.

The And Just Like That... Premiere episodes shocked so many fans, but the show did find its signature style.

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