Since the rise of a global pandemic, people locked down all over the world are looking for ways to connect with the outside world. Better yet, connect with a world of their imagination. As the stresses of the everyday mount, you can visit Hogwarts for the afternoon, spend some time in a coffee shop with Natasha Romanoff, or listen in on a rainy night in Gotham City. The YouTube trend of Ambience Rooms has been emerging over the last year with many videos having thousands or hundreds of thousands of views.

The variety of ambience rooms is endless and many last an hour or longer. You could listen to a Paris jazz lounge, but we liked to live in the fantasy of this new content, first. We have collected the best of YouTube’s ambience videos for your favorite fandom.

Harry Potter

Hogwarts Classroom

Video Description: What class would you take first at Hogwarts? Charms, Transfiguration, Divination, Defense Against the Dark Arts? Take a seat and relax in this peaceful classroom at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The Great Hall

Video Description: Spend an evening in the Great Hall with subtle sounds of your fellow Hogwarts students shuffling around you.

House Common Rooms

Each House Common Room has a distinct personality as each house has one. There are traits to each house that lives on with every generation of Hogwarts students, so each room is custom-designed for them. So, Hogwarts students, I invite you to spend some time in your common room. The live wallpapers add the perfect touch of magic.



The Avengers Tower

Video Description: Rain pours heavy against the glass of the sky-rise. The Avengers are scattered around the room: on the balcony, on the sofas, shooting pool, and playing the odd board game. You join them in their games or lounge on the couches, listening to bits of conversation, or, perhaps, you try to get some work done. Every so often someone pours themselves or you a drink and, sometimes, as is inevitable with the heroes, they break out into an argument.

Coffee Shop Date with Natasha

Video Description: Rain pours outside the warmth of the coffee shop. Inside, jazz music plays for a mostly empty cafe. Nat finds you at a table, working or enjoying the warmth of your drink, and sits across from you. She speaks softly, stirring her drink from time to time and flipping through a magazine, as a lone barista makes coffee, collects dishes, and upkeeps the shop.


Peaceful Rain on Gotham Rooftops

Video Description: Late night in Gotham has you a little on edge, but the rain falling and music give you a comforting tone.


Gotham City

Video Description: Epic music, rain, and the slight sound of Gotham City chaos below you. The live background is an added dimension to this video that brings you closer yo Gotham for a few hours.

Game of Thrones

King’s Landing

Video Description: House Baratheon of King’s Landing is an extinct cadet branch of the also extinct original House Baratheon of Storm’s End. It had been the royal house of Westeros since the defeat of and exile of the Targaryen dynasty following Robert’s Rebellion. Their seat was the Red Keep in the city of King’s Landing and their domains were the lands ruled directly by the Iron Throne, the Crownlands. After the Destruction of the Great Sept of Baelor, with King Tommen I’s suicide, House Baratheon of King’s Landing is now extinct, along with its parent house, House Baratheon.


Video Description: Winterfell is the seat of the ruler of the North and the ancestral home of House Stark. It is a very large castle located at the center of the North, from where the head of House Stark rules over his or her people. A small Godswood is enclosed within the walls. It is the regional capital of the North under Jon Snow. The castle is located alongside the Kingsroad as it makes its way from the Wall to the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, King’s Landing, more than a thousand miles to the south. It is situated atop hot springs which keep the castle warm even in the worst winters. Winding tombs below the castle contain the remains of Stark kings and lords and record the history of the ancient family. According to maester Luwin, there are hidden passageways built in the castle so its Lords could escape. The castle has stood for millennia.

Lord of the Rings


Video Description: Feel transported by this music and cave ambiance. The Lonely Mountain calls to you.


Video Description: Mordor was a black, volcanic plain located in the southeast of Middle-earth to the East of Gondor, Ithilien and the great river Anduin. Mordor was chosen by Sauron to be his realm because of the mountain ranges surrounding it on three sides, creating a natural fortress against his enemies. Translated, its name means “Land of Darkness”.

Walt Disney World – Magic Kingdom

Cinderella’s Castle

Video Description: Travel to one of the most iconic theme park landmarks in the world. The sounds and music of this park are uniquely filled with Disney magic. For any fan who can’t travel to Orlando, this may be just the ticket.

Main Street U.S.A.

Video Description: Spend a few hours overlooking Main Street U.S.A. from the train station. The real-time video makes an even more immersive experience.

Do you have a few favorite Ambience Rooms? Share in the comments!

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