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The Best of New York City Movies

New York City is often referred to as an additional character in films. The city’s constancy and the ability to see all walks of life in one glance brings another layer of atmosphere to a film. The film industry has long made movies in and about New York, so this almost feels like a genre […]

Review: Dracula Gives Netflix Horror Some Fresh Teeth

Review: Dracula We all know Dracula. So what new can be done to ensure we don’t lump into the long slumber while we watch? First, get Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt to deliver a Netflix horror romp that puts the charming, dirt-nailed bedazzler into tight circumstances against the emergent Van Helsing line, and enough little twists […]

5 Outbreak Movies to Watch While Waiting Out Coronavirus

Hollywood loves a disaster movie. As the world has evolved, the threat of a global disease outbreak has become all the more real. So, Hollywood has taken to creating disaster movies about the worst-case scenario in regards to disease outbreak as the 21st century’s biggest monster to fight in real-world stories. As the world’s nations […]