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Top Sci-Fi on Streamers: Hulu

Top Sci-fi on Hulu

Hulu is one of the original streaming services starting as the home to many network shows on-demand. The streaming service got better with its own shows, especially when the first hit, The Handmaid’s Tale, began their sci-fi lineup. Now, Hulu showcases unique sci-fi shows that modernize the genre resulting in […]

Top Sci-Fi on Streamers: Apple TV

Apple TV+ entered the streaming war strong with high-quality content with high production value. Apple’s streaming service uniquely and exclusively features original content. Each title has more room to breathe and grow, so their sci-fi content particularly shines. Check out our top sci-fi picks from Apple TV! For All Mankind […]

Top Sci-Fi on Streamers: Netflix

Netflix has become home to many impressive universes. We appreciate how they have embraced the sci-fi genre producing some of the most buzzed-about movies and shows in recent years. Check out our list of the top sci-fi shows and movies from Netflix! The Adam Project Synopsis: The Adam Project follows […]

Top 5 of Marvel Phase 4

Top 5 Marvel Phase 4 We know that Marvel Phase 4 left a fair amount to be desired. This phase of Marvel releases did not quite “wow” us as we hoped, but not all is lost. These five titles included the classic Marvel sparkle with solid stories, great performances, and […]