This weekend the universe of DC Comics comes to the fans with a free, online fan event entitled, DC FanDome. We preview DC FanDome events and break down how you can best get your fan on!

What is DC FanDome?

This event was designed to bring fan engagement to an online audience as a result of the major fan events getting canceled due to COVID-19. The new reality for many fans is that they have to watch their favorite content and stream panels at home, instead of being in a room of thousands of like-minded adoring fans. DC Comics/Warner Brothers did not participate at Comic-Con @ Home, they saved it all for this. A weekend of exclusive panels, presumably new trailers, footage, and details on all things DCEU and DCTV.

When is DC FanDome?

DC FanDome starts this Saturday, August 22nd with content only available through August 23rd. Many panels are repeated throughout the day and seem to be available on-demand after they premiere. An additional event will be held September 12-13 which will include more panels and fans interaction opportunities.

Wonder Woman 1984: release date delay, trailer, cast, Diana's ...

What to Watch?

Panels range in length from 10 minutes to 40 minutes. The panels include Wonder Woman: 1984, Aquaman, Black Adam, Shazam, and Batman. Also, DCTV on the CW will have panels with the casts of the series, though don’t expect any footage or trailers as these productions have not returned to work. Check out our top panels to watch below.

August 22

  • Wonder Woman: 1984 – 10 AM
  • Introducing Flash – 11:40 AM
  • The Suicide Squad – 11:55 AM
  • The Flash TV – 2:55 PM
  • Black Adam – 3:10 PM
  • Aquaman – 4:05 PM
  • Shazam – 4:40 PM
  • The Batman – 5:30 PM

September 12

  • Batwoman – 10 AM
  • Black Lightning – 10 AM
  • DC’s Legends of Tomorrow – 10 AM
  • Stargirl – 10 AM
  • Doom Patrol – 10 AM
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of Wonder Woman: 1984 – 10 AM
  • Fan Q&A with Cast and Crew of WBTV DCTV Series – 10 AM

Make your own schedule HERE!

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