After months of waiting in mystery, we finally get our first good look at Eternals! In the trailer, we get a pretty solid overview of the film’s plot with a lot of exposition. The star-studded cast is on full display. The director, Chloé Zhao, won an Oscar for Best Director since she made this film, so her lead only makes this movie more appealing.

Check out the final trailer!

The Eternals are not a well-known Marvel property, so to draw in a big audience, they actually had to introduce the characters in the trailer. Salma Hayek’s Ajak leads the charge along with Ikaris (Richard Maddon) to handle the “Emergence”. Other characters, like Angelina Jolie’s Thena, are still left in mystery about how committed they may be to the Eternals’ new mission. Though, not much more is said about what the Emergence really is.

Eternals | Marvel Studios
Eternals | Marvel Studios

The Emergence

The Emergence is not a storyline we have seen before. Unlike the origins of Infinity War as a specific comic book, the Emergence is an MCU-only creation. This could be the resurfacing of the Deviants. This would be a major issue for the group as fighting the Deviants was their original purpose. Alternatively, this could be the Celestials. These are supposedly extinct beings that created the Eternals. The last Celestial and the father of Peter Quill, Ego, dies at the end of Guardians of the Galaxy. Vol. 2.

The Deviants fight many members of the Eternals in the trailer, so they seemed to have figured out how to defeat them. So, it would be interesting to see why this threat is different. The return of the Celestials would certainly have a bigger impact mostly because they are not all good, as we saw in Guardians 2. (Or we could be wrong and this goes in a totally new direction.) Clear enough, this doesn’t seem to directly connect to the multiverse story from Loki and the forthcoming Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

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Whatever the story may be, this movie looks visually stunning. A rumor has roamed around that this movie could be Marvel’s latest contender for Best Picture. This film does have a Marvel feel so we are looking forward to an even more cinematic approach to the genre.

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