The theme song has never felt more true. When it wasn’t your day, your week, your month, or even your year, I’ll be there for you. 2020 challenged all of us, so to finally get back on track with our closest friends, the Friends reunion show is almost here. HBO Max just released the first teaser trailer for Friends: The Reunion. The show will be available to stream starting May 27.

Watch the trailer below!

Streaming exclusively on HBO Max, Friends: The Reunion won’t be new episodes or a scripted show, this will be a sit-down with the entire cast for the first time since the series ended to talk through what the show means to fans around the world today. There may be more to this reunion than we know now, so this teaser trailer is just the beginning.

Friends ran on NBC from 1994 to 2004. In its 10 years, the show dominated the airwaves as the biggest show on TV. The final episode was viewed by over 52 million people. Now, the series has bounced around from Netflix to HBO Max still watched by millions of people every week. There is no doubt this reunion show will only make people want to watch a new season of the show, but some things may be best left up to the imagination.

Previous Reunions

This is not the first time the Friends cast has reunited. Previously, the majority of the cast attended a special tribute to James Burrows, the series longtime director. The tribute was an homage to Burrows’ many years of work on the biggest sitcoms of all time. The cast attributes many of the best moments on the show to his guidance. Watch that reunion below –

Jimmy Kimmel has also hosted a few friends reunions on Jimmy Kimmel Live. He tried to convince the women of the series to play out a scene he wrote for the show. They begrudgingly agreed. With the famous kitchen set recreated, the ladies attempted to work through Jimmy’s ridiculous scene. Enjoy that mini-reunion below –

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