Funko launched an app at ECCC with the intention of capturing the pulse of the market for its vinyl figures and other products.

Known for now simply as the “New Funko App,” the app allows collectors to create inventories of their collections and then track their prices. The app replaces the “old” Funko app and can import its collections and wishlists, along with those from Stashpedia. 

The app team is on the show floor handing our cards to introduce the new Funko app. They are very receptive to feedback. 

I found the app pretty clean, but I was a bit confused by the lack of an add button on the collection screen. My daughter found the scan feature, which looks up collectibles via UPC scanning under the hamburger menu. And search also works. In either case, if you want to add an item to your collection simply tap: add to collection (the trophy icon). A more direct invitation to add items on the blank collection screen would be an improvement. Perhaps also a little omnipresent plus sign or something to drive additions from the collection. The search feature (versus “the scan product” feature) is an important feature for those who don’t keep all of their figures mint-in-box. Search would benefit from the addition of a Funko number search to complement the string search.

The collection screen brings all of your Funko treasures together in one place, along with their currently trending price. It also displays a total for the entire collection.  Prices can be calculated in the following currencies: USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, and NZD.

Users will need a Funko account to personalize the experience and create the collection database. Users can also create a wishlist. Want to stop wishing, the app also facilitates buying through retailers, including eBay.

For those seeking a handle on their prized Funko collection, and a sense of market value, the New Funko App appears to be a good place to start. It leverages the brand, delivers value, and creates engagement through exploration. Download the app today and see what your slice of the 17,000 item Funko collectibles market is worth.

Those who want more information can look for the app on the app store of their choice (here is the link to iTunes), or text “Funko” to 52426 for more information or take a look at their app web page.

Sample screenshots as I build out my personal collection:

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