Halloween is in the rear-view mirror, and all focus is on the holiday season! Although some started early (we see you, Hallmark) most networks and streamers are now kicking the holiday season into high gear. We have mapped out your Ultimate Guide to 2022 Holiday Movies and TV! The table below includes all the NEW 2022 Holiday Movies and TV (series and specials) across broadcast, cable, and streaming! Of course, classics will still be running as well, so don’t worry; your traditional holiday viewing is also available!

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Spirited | Apple TV+ (2022 Holiday Movies and TV)
Spirited | Apple TV+

A highlight of this year’s offerings is the premiere of Apple TV’s holiday musical, Spirited, starring Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrall, and Octavia Spencer. Disney+ is returning to the North Pole with The Santa Clauses with Tim Allen returning in the lead role. Also, HBO Max will bring back A Christmas Story with a sequel called, A Christmas Story Christmas. Disney+ is also sharing its sequel to Enchanted, the oppositely named, Disenchanted, over Thanksgiving. Of all the streamers BET+ made the largest investment in Christmas content as new movies are released throughout the season. Netflix is bringing out the stars for their films with the return of Lindsay Lohan in Falling for Christmas and This is Us’ Justin Hartley in The Noel Diaries.

Falling for Christmas | Netflix (2022 Holiday Movies and TV)
Falling for Christmas | Netflix

Hallmark’s holiday slate is as massive as usual over two networks and three months! Lifetime comes in a close second with new movie releases throughout November and December. There may be lots of off-screen drama amounting to many of Hallmark’s stars leaving for Great American Family, but now we get to see what they have been working on. The Great American Family slate is also full of new Christmas films featuring new network stars like Candace Cameron Bure and Danica McKellar.

Ultimate Guide to 2022 Holiday Movies and TV

Flip through the table below or categorize based on date, time, and/or network. You can also search the table to find a specific title.

November 2, 2022Donna Hay ChristmasDisney+Streaming
November 3, 2022Movie - A Wesley ChristmasBET+Streaming
November 4, 2022Movie - A Magical Christmas VillageHallmark8p
November 4, 2022Movie - Unperfect Christmas WishUPtv7p
November 5, 2022Movie - Lights, Camera, Christmas!Hallmark8p
November 5, 2022Movie - Merry SwissmasLifetime8p
November 5, 2022Movie - Christmas in the PinesUPtv7p
November 5, 2022Movie - A Royal Christmas on IceGreat American Family8p
November 5, 2022Movie - A Maple Valley ChristmasHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
November 6, 2022Movie - Christmas MasqueradeUPtv7p
November 6, 2022Movie - All Saints ChristmasHallmark8p
November 6, 2022Movie - Love At the Christmas ContestGreat American Family8p
November 6, 2022Movie - Well Suited for ChristmasLifetime8p
November 8, 2022Movie - The Claus Family 2 NetflixStreaming
November 10, 2022Movie - Falling for ChristmasNetflixStreaming
November 10, 2022Movie - The First NoelleBET+Streaming
November 10, 2022Movie - Christmas on Misletoe LakeLifetime8p
November 11, 2022Movie - One Delicious ChristmasDiscovery+Streaming
November 11, 2022Movie - A Gingerbread ChristmasDiscovery+Streaming
November 11, 2022Movie - A Christmas Open HouseDiscovery+Streaming
November 11, 2022Movie - Designing ChristmasDiscovery+Streaming
November 11, 2022Movie - The Christmas RetreatUPtv7p
November 11, 2022Movie - In Merry MeasureHallmark8p
November 11, 2022Movie - The Dog Days of ChristmasLifetime8p
November 12, 2022Movie - A Tiny Home ChristmasUPtv7p
November 12, 2022Movie - A Merry Christmas WishGreat American Family8p
November 12, 2022Movie - The Royal NannyHallmark8p
November 12, 2022Movie - Reindeer Games HomecomingLifetime8p
November 12, 2022Movie - Our Italian Christmas MemoriesHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
November 13, 2022Movie - The Picture of ChristmasUPtv7p
November 13, 2022Movie - Christmas at the Golden DragonHallmark8p
November 13, 2022Movie - My Best Friend’s ChristmasGreat American Family8p
November 13, 2022Movie - Six Degrees of SantaLifetime8p
November 16, 2022The Santa ClausesDisney+Streaming
November 16, 2022The Connors (Thanksgiving Episode)ABC8p
November 16, 2022The Goldbergs (Thanksgiving Episode)ABC8:30p
November 16, 2022Home Econmics (Thanksgiving Episode)ABC9:30p
November 17, 2022Movie - Christmas With YouNetflixStreaming
November 17, 2022Movie - A Christmas Story ChristmasHBO MaxStreaming
November 17, 2022Movie -Christmas Party CrashersBET+Streaming
November 17, 2022Movie - Sweet NavidadLifetime8p
November 18, 2022Movie - SpiritedApple TV+ Streaming
November 18, 2022Best in SnowDisney+Streaming
November 18, 2022Josh Turner: King Size Manger Christmas SpecialUPtv7p
November 18, 2022Movie - Inventing the Christmas PrinceHallmark8p
November 18, 2022Movie - A Country Christmas HarmonyLifetime8p
November 19, 2022Movie - The Holiday SwitchUPtv7p
November 19, 2022Movie - Three Wise Men and a BabyHallmark8p
November 19, 2022Movie - Christmas At Pine ValleyGreat American Family8p
November 19, 2022Movie - Santa BootcampLifetime8p
November 19, 2022Movie - Long Lost ChristmasHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
November 20, 2022Movie - Christmas Lucky CharmUPtv7p
November 20, 2022Movie - When I Think of ChristmasHallmark8p
November 20, 2022Movie - My Favorite Christmas TreeGreat American Family8p
November 20, 2022Movie - A Show-stopping ChristmasLifetime8p
November 20, 2022Elton John Live: Farewell From Dodger StadiumDisney+11pE/8pP (Livestream)
November 20, 2022Small Town Christmas: The Harvest SpecialUPtv9p
November 22, 2022The Rookie: Feds (Thanksgiving Episode)ABC10p
November 23, 2022Movie - Christmas on Mistletoe FarmNetflixStreaming
November 24, 2022THANKSGIVING DAY
November 24, 2022Movie - The Noel Diary NetflixStreaming
November 24, 2022Movie - Holiday HarmonyHBO MaxStreaming
November 24, 2022Movie - A Christmas MysteryHBO MaxStreaming
November 24, 2022Christmas at the GreenbrierFox NationStreaming
November 24, 2022Movie - The Christmas ClapbackBET+Streaming
November 24, 2022Movie - Holiday HideawayBET+Streaming
November 24, 2022Movie - The Sound of ChristmasBET+Streaming
November 24, 2022Movie - DisenchantedDisney+Streaming
November 24, 2022The 96th Annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day ParadeNBC9a
November 24, 2022Movie - My Southern Family ChristmasHallmark8p
November 24, 2022Movie - Baking All The WayLifetime8p
November 25, 2022The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday SpecialDisney+Streaming
November 25, 2022Movie - #XmasHallmark6p
November 25, 2022Movie - A Royal Corgi ChristmasHallmark8p
November 25, 2022Movie - Christmas at the Drive-InGreat American Family8p
November 25, 2022Movie - Steppin’ Into The HolidayLifetime8p
November 26, 2022Movie - A Tale of Two ChristmasesHallmark6p
November 26, 2022Movie - Haul Out the HollyHallmark8p
November 26, 2022Movie - I’m Glad It’s ChristmasGreat American Family8p
November 26, 2022Movie - The 12 Days of Christmas EveLifetime8p
November 26, 2022Movie - Time for Him to Come Home For ChristmasHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
November 27, 2022Movie - A Christmas Cookie CatastropheHallmark6p
November 27, 2022Mickey Saves ChristmasABC 7p
November 27, 2022The Wonderful World of Disney: "Magical Holiday Celebration"ABC8p
November 27, 2022Movie - A Christmas … PresentGreat American Family8p
November 27, 2022Movie - A Christmas SparkLifetime8p
November 27, 2022Movie - A Holiday SpectacularHallmark8p
November 28, 2022The Great Christmas Light Fight (season premiere)ABC8p
November 29, 2022Love Actually: 20 Years Later - A Diane Sawyer/ABC News SpecialABC8p
November 30, 2022Movie - Christmas Full of GraceNetflixStreaming
November 30, 202291st Annual Christmas in Rockefeller Center NBC8p
December 1, 2022Movie - A Hollywood ChristmasHBO MaxStreaming
December 1, 2022Movie - Rolling Into ChristmasBET+Streaming
December 1, 2022CMA Country ChristmasABC9p
December 1, 2022Movie - Dolly Parton’s Moutain Magic ChristmasNBC8p
December 1, 2022Movie - Serving Up the HolidaysLifetime8p
December 2, 2022Movie - Scrooge: A Christmas CarolNetflixStreaming
December 2, 2022Movie - Christmas in the WildsUPtv7p
December 2, 2022Movie - A Big Fat Family ChristmasHallmark8p
December 2, 2022Movie - Cloudy With A Chance Of ChristmasLifetime8p
December 3, 2022Movie - Christmas on the SlopesUPtv7p
December 3, 2022Movie - A Fabled HolidayHallmark8p
December 3, 2022Movie - Christmas on Candy Cane LaneGreat American Family8p
December 3, 2022Movie - A New Orleans NoelLifetime8p
December 3, 2022Movie - The Holiday StockingHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
December 4, 2022Movie - Christmas on the RocksUPtv7p
December 4, 2022Movie - Undercover HolidayHallmark8p
December 4, 2022Movie - B&B MerryGreat American Family8p
December 4, 2022Movie - Merry TextmasLifetime8p
December 4, 2022Movie - Fit for ChristmasCBS 8:30p
December 4, 2022Small Town Christmas (Season Premiere)UPtv9p
December 6, 2022Celebrity Wheel of Furtune (Holiday Episode)ABC8p
December 6, 2022Press Your Luck (Holiday Episode)ABC9p
December 6, 2022The $100,000 PyramidABC10p
December 7, 2022The Connors (Holiday Episode)ABC8p
December 7, 2022The Goldbergs (Holiday Episode)ABC8:30p
December 7, 2022Abbott Elementary (Holiday Episode)ABC9p
December 7, 2022Home Econmics (Holiday Episode)ABC9:30p
December 8, 2022Movie - A Miracle Before ChristmasBET+Streaming
December 8, 2022Movie - Scentsational ChristmasLifetime8p
December 9, 2022Movie - The Most Colorful Time of the YearHallmark8p
December 9, 2022Movie - Aisle Be Home for ChristmasGreat American Family8p
December 9, 2022Movie - A Recipe for JoyLifetime8p
December 10, 2022Movie - A Royal Christmas MatchUPtv7p
December 10, 2022Movie - Christmas Class ReunionHallmark8p
December 10, 2022Movie - Kirk Franklin’s The Night Before ChristmasLifetime8p
December 10, 2022Movie - Crown Prince of ChristmasGreat American Family8p
December 10, 2022Movie - The Gift of PeaceHallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
December 11, 2022Movie - Santa’s Got StyleUPtv7p
December 11, 2022Movie - The Holiday SitterHallmark8p
December 11, 2022National Christmas Tree Lighting: Celebrating 100 YearsCBS 8p
December 11, 2022Movie - Single and Ready to JingleLifetime8p
December 11, 2022Movie - Must Love ChristmasCBS 9p
December 14, 2022A Very Backstreet HolidayABC8p
December 14, 2022Finding HarmonyABC10p
December 15, 2022Movie - A Blackjack ChristmasBET+Streaming
December 15, 2022Movie - Record Breaking ChristmasLifetime8p
December 16, 2022Movie - Holiday HeritageHallmark8p
December 16, 2022Movie - A Christmas To TreasureLifetime8p
December 17, 2022Movie - Sappy HolidayUPtv7p
December 17, 2022Movie - 'Twas the Night Before ChristmasHallmark8p
December 17, 2022Movie - The Holiday Dating GuideLifetime8p
December 17, 2022Movie - Crafting ChristmasGreat American Family8p
December 17, 2022Movie - Five More Minutes: "Moments Like These,"Hallmark Movies & Mysteries10p
December 18, 2022Movie - A Vintage ChristmasUPtv7p
December 18, 2022Movie - Hanukkah on RyeHallmark8p
December 18, 2022Movie - The Art of ChristmasGreat American Family8p
December 18, 2022Movie - Wrapped Up in LoveLifetime8p
December 18, 2022Movie - When Christmas Was YoungCBS 8:30p
December 22, 2022Movie - A Christmas GiftBET+Streaming
December 23, 2022The 24th Annual A Home for the Holidays at The GroveCBS 8p
December 24, 2022The Snowball EffectUPtv7p
December 25, 2022CHRISTMAS DAY
December 25, 2022Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day ParadeABC7a
December 25, 2022Movie - Christmas in Wolf CreekUPtv7p
December 26, 2022The Year: 2022ABC9p
December 31, 2022Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2023ABC8p
December 31, 2022A Toast to 2022!NBC8p
December 31, 2022Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve with Ryan Seacrest 2023ABC10: 30p
December 31, 2022Miley’s New Year’s Eve PartyNBC10:30p
January 1, 2023The Rose ParadeNBC11a

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