Ever wonder how the selection process for Best Picture actually works? The truth is, this is not as simple as which film gets the most votes. Some years, fans wonder why a film wins over another and this process may be an insight into why. Vanity Fair created a great video that breaks down the process to better understand how films win. The basic idea is a film needs a 50% majority to win, which is harder than it sounds.

Another part of the story is the Oscar campaign itself. A film does need to impress at the box office, with critics, and with fans, but also with peers to win Best Picture. Other filmmaking Academy members need to get on board, but the tactics can range from $1 million to over $30 million campaigns. The more you spend, the better your chance, right? Well, who do think came up with that? Of course, it was Harvey Weinstein. The now dethroned mogul once built an empire just so he could win Best Picture, which he did in 1999. Check out the video below from YouTube’s BeKindRewind to learn more about the history of Harvey’s relationship with Oscar and how his influence never really went away.

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