Megyn Kelly released a video this week breaking down not only her response to the film Bombshell but also the responses from other Roger Ailes and Bill O’Reilly sexual assault accusers. She hosted a  panel discussion to explain what happened to her and others to clarify what the film got right and what creative liberties were taken with their story. Further, they discuss the mini-series The Loudest Voice from Showtime, released this past July. Russell Crowe just won a Golden Globe award for his portrayal of Ailes in the series, while Charlize Theron was nominated as Best Actress for Bombshell for playing Megyn Kelly. Hollywood has not only showed their support for this unearthed story but is celebrating those involved in telling the truth on-screen.

In the video below, all women claim neither production consulted them. The group watched Bombshell together, prior to the discussion and made it clear that the tone and focus of the film were spot-on. Bombshell accurately shares the raw, awkward and career-ending conversations were all too true. Megyn Kelly also admits “the twirl” was all too real. Depicted in both projects, Roger Ailes would have female employees spin in front of him for his own enjoyment while in a work meeting. It took Megyn Kelly demanding a real outside investigation from the Murdoch’s for anything to be done about Ailes or O’Reilly that felt fair. Both men walked out with millions in contract payouts while these women have struggled to find jobs in the industry.

Megyn Kelly could have created a piece that puts the film in a bad light because she was not consulted. Instead, she agrees that any representation of abuse of power and sexual misconduct is good to begin the process towards healing and change.

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