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Review: Little Women

Many American classic books have already become feature films. Little Women is one such novel that has many big-screen adaptations. Little Women from Greta Gerwig is the latest interpretation putting a 21st-century spin on this late 19th-century story. The film received a Best Picture nomination and belonged amongst the best of 2019. Now out to buy and […]

Review: The Umbrella Academy: A Magical Mystery Tour of Misfits. 

The Umbrella Academy: a magical mystery tour of misfits.  If the dysfunctional family, often cobbled together through adoption agencies, the foster care system (Shazam) or just picking up babies after an extermination event (Locke & Key), Umbrella Academy, the Netflix series reinforces that trend. Umbrella Academy proves a magical mystery tour of misfits. And of course, […]

Review: Marriage Story

The complexities of relationships are the cornerstone of great filmmaking. The best writers can craft characters with enough tension, drama, and engagement they can just sit in a room and talk. Noah Baumbach penned and directed a simplistic approach to complex characters. Marriage Story shares the details of divorce between two imperfect people, Nicole and […]