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The Expanse, Season 5: A Very Human Solar System Asserts Itself

The Expanse is back on Amazon Prime with a vengeance. This season isn’t as much about the little blue meanie of a molecule, but about the people who have been more pawns in previous seasons, even with Holden’s near messianic aura. This season is about personal demons coming back to haunt in full gravity and […]

Review: Wonder Woman 84 not as wondrous as its predecessor

Well, #WonderWoman1984. Good thing it was free. Wanted to like it, but ultimately no emotional connection to any characters. Never felt jeopardy. The movie quite literally pulled its punches. As with all not so good films, poor writing undermined the spectacle. — Daniel Rasmus (@DanielWRasmus) December 26, 2020 So that was my immediate reaction […]

Review: The Vast of Night. Not All Teenage Fear Derives from Being a Teenager.

Review: The Vast of Night. Two friends combine their curiosity and courage to figure out where the hell that sound is coming from. The sound is haunting. Two young people whose lives revolve around audio, one a radio operator, the other a telephone operator, connect to first confirm, then investigate the mysterious sound. Set in […]