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No, Prince Harry doesn’t sing, but that didn’t stop him from touring around LA with James Corden for The Late Late Show. It may not be Carpool Karaoke, but James brought back his Big Bus tour for Prince Harry for a personal tour of LA’s sights, though they didn’t see all that much. The most iconic location the two visited was the house from the opening of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. James thinks the Royal couple should buy the house to be the real Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, but for now, he wants to stay the Fresh Prince of Montecito. The Prince and James didn’t visit movie studios or the Hollywood Sign on their tour, but Prince Harry did discuss one of the biggest shows on TV, The Crown.

A Family Drama

Prince Harry’s family has been under the microscope for four seasons of the Netflix series covering the life of Queen Elizabeth II. Prince Harry’s parents, Prince Charles and Princess Diana were the main dramatic conflict for season four. Their tumultuous marriage was no secret to the Royal family or to the British press. The late Princess Diana was a target of the paparazzi with the series painting her personal life to be just as challenging day-to-day. Only that family really knows the whole story.

Yet, Prince Harry says he is far more comfortable with The Crown than the British tabloids. The series is far more overt about its dramatization and never claims to be a documentary, so he considers it fiction, based on real events. The British press works much harder to manipulate facts to tell a better story and call it the truth. For Prince Harry and Megan Markle, the two are distinctly different. This conflict with the press stems back to the Prince’s late mother sharing with James that the “toxic” environment created by the press was so bad he felt he needed to leave England to feel more secure.

Watch the full interview below for more from Prince Harry on The Crown and the rest of his tour of LA with James Corden:

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