• Obi-Wan Kenobi‘s Modern Star Trek Problem by Daniel W. Rasmus - When the Starship Enterprise launched on its maiden voyage on September 8, 1966, it launched without precedent, without canon, and without expectations (except perhaps from Gene Roddenberry and the network executives). Star Trek fulfilled its mission to boldly go where… Continue Reading
  • Review: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 2 by Alyssa Rasmus - Miriam "Midge" Maisel is on the scene and making her mark. Throughout The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, season 2, we watch Midge master her comedy skills and explore a new love life all the while maintaining her perfectly polished persona. Midge's… Continue Reading
  • Review: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Season 1 by Alyssa Rasmus - Midge Maisel is working very hard to put everything in her life in the right place, then her husband goes and blows it all up! The housewife trope may be tired, but Midge is just getting started. The series is… Continue Reading
  • And Just Like That… Premiere Review by Alyssa Rasmus - In the pilot episode, he analyzed her noting one simple truth about Carrie Bradshaw, "You have never been in love." At the moment Carrie felt this statement like a blow to her system. Despite her constant talk about love and… Continue Reading
  • Review: Loki Fabulously Jumpstarts the Marvel Multiverse by Daniel W. Rasmus - Review: Loki Every Marvel fan should watch Loki. The show sits at the crossroads between Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) phases. I’m sure there will be some necessary replay to ensure that when a film requires Loki plot points non-Disney+ subscribers… Continue Reading
  • Review: Hacks by Alyssa Rasmus - Irreverent, relevant, and very funny. Hacks on HBO Max is a bright comedy about an up-and-coming young comedy writer, Ava, being forcibly paired with an old-school Las Vegas standup comedian, Debbie Vance. Their antics and dramatics level up from caddy… Continue Reading
  • Wynonna Earp: Leaving Purgatory by Daniel W. Rasmus - Wynona Earp drives off into the midday sun on a motorcycle with Doc. But not without Peacemaker making one more kill, Doc Holliday’s beloved car, Charlene. And thus one of the campiest shows in television history follows its broken curse… Continue Reading
  • Review: Friends: The Reunion by Alyssa Rasmus - Many consider Friends as one of the greatest sitcoms ever made, deservingly so. The cast became instantaneously famous with the show's success. Now, HBO Max is paying tribute to the 10-year run with a reunion decades in the making. Friends:… Continue Reading
  • Review: Bridgerton, Season 1 by Alyssa Rasmus - Dearest Reader, I write to you today with news that Bridgerton on Netflix is the most viewed television original series on the streaming site. Though, with this endeavor, one might believe it to be a "steaming" site. Leave it to… Continue Reading
  • Lost in Space Review: A Reboot That Only Borrows Names From Its Campy Original by Daniel W. Rasmus - Lost in Space has ended. Again. The Netflix reboot of Lost in Space was a three-season juggernaut of good science fiction. The only thing it has in common with its campy original are the names of characters, spaceships, and robots… Continue Reading
  • The Expanse, Season 5: A Very Human Solar System Asserts Itself by Daniel W. Rasmus - The Expanse is back on Amazon Prime with a vengeance. This season isn’t as much about the little blue meanie of a molecule, but about the people who have been more pawns in previous seasons, even with Holden’s near messianic… Continue Reading
  • Review: Netflix’s Away Needs A Commission to Examine The Program’s Flaws by Daniel W. Rasmus - Away was a disaster waiting to happen. Not because of the production or the talent, but because of the writer and producer Andrew Hinderaker. He wrote on the wall, and in the back of his mind: pile on as many… Continue Reading
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks Loud, Annoying, and Promising by Daniel W. Rasmus - When a franchise meets a certain level of complexity, canon goes out the window. With Star Trek: Lower Decks, Star Trek finally not only bent canon, it completely blew through it. The animated series from Rick and Morty creator Mike… Continue Reading
  • Review: The Boys Season 2 Gives A Little Extra to Keep Viewers Hooked by Daniel W. Rasmus - Take Amazon's The Boys Season 1 and inject it with some V, and you end up with The Boys Season 2. It’s a little more hyped up to keep overly jaded viewers hooked on a premise that cannot possibly be… Continue Reading
  • Review: Ted Lasso by Alyssa Rasmus - Apple's Ted Lasso may be the best show to watch during this crazy time. A character with endless positivity and optimism may help us remember how to enjoy the little things in life. This half-hour comedy is the story of an… Continue Reading


Star Trek: Discovery and Keeping Big Lies Straight When people tell big lies that run over long periods, they rationalize.
Daniel W. Rasmus
Had Star Trek: Discovery not been created as part of the Star Trek franchise, it probably would have made an
Daniel W. Rasmus
Review: NBC’s Revolution As a scenario planner, I have a few rules about the future. First, there is no data
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