San Diego Comic-Con 2022

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On July 21-24 the best in TV, films, and, of course, comics return to the Convention Center for the first time in 2 years! We are focusing on all things film and television including, Marvel, Paramount, Hulu, and more! Read below for all the details about this year’s event.

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  During San Diego Comic Con 2022, we joined a roundtable conversation, along with other journalists, to talk with the
Alyssa Rasmus
We had the opportunity to interview some of the creative team behind The Orville: New Horizons while at San Diego
Alyssa Rasmus
SDCC Day 1: Morning Comic-Con International 2022 (SDCC from now on) was always going to be different. After a Con
Daniel W. Rasmus
SDCC Panel Announcement! We are hosting a panel this year at San Diego Comic-Con! This is an exciting panel that
Alyssa Rasmus

Come to our panel!

If you are attending San Diego Comic-Con 2022, come to our panel! Best Entertainment Reviews is hosting the “Exploring the Science In Science Fiction” panel. We are talking with scientists from multiple disciplines to talk about the relationship between real science and the fantastical storytelling of science fiction. 

Exploring the Science In Science Fiction
Dates: 7/24/2022, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Location: Room 24ABC
Dr. Erin Macdonald (Star Trek Science Advisor), Dr. James T. Keane (Planetary Scientist, NASA JPL), Dr. Tiffany Kataria (Research Scientist, NASA JPL), and Daniel W. Rasmus (Listening to the Future, University of Washington Instructor) will answer fans deepest questions about the science behind science fiction. Alyssa Rasmus (Editor, will moderate the panel as they share the answers to questions they receive most often and take Q&A from the audience. Room 24ABC

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