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Top Sci-Fi on Streamers: Hulu

Top Sci-fi on Hulu

Hulu is one of the original streaming services starting as the home to many network shows on-demand. The streaming service got better with its own shows, especially when the first hit, The Handmaid’s Tale, began their sci-fi lineup. Now, Hulu showcases unique sci-fi shows that modernize the genre resulting in […]

Interview: Behind the Scenes of The Orville: New Horizons with Brannon Braga and Tom Costantino

We had the opportunity to interview some of the creative team behind The Orville: New Horizons while at San Diego Comic Con in July. In this interview, we speak with one of The Orville‘s writers and executive producers, Brannon Braga, and the show’s lead editor and co-producer, Tom Costantino. Can […]