The Flash Cast Shares New Details About Season 5 and Episode 100

The Flash cast were nearly all in attendance at this year’s Comic Con in sunny San Diego. We were able to catch up with the cast to chat about season 5, the 100th episode and what is Barry and Iris’ daughter doing in Central City from the future?! Check out all of our roundtable coverage below.


Grant Gustin – Barry Allen/The Flash

Grant shared his feelings about the 100th episode and what is next for Barry Allen.

Candice Patton – Iris West-Allen

Candice talks about Iris’s relationship with Nora and Barry and how she feels how their upcoming 100th episode.

Carlos Valdes – Cisco Ramon

Carlos reflects on his time with The Flash, the 100th episode and shares more about the future of The Flash.

Danielle Panabaker – Caitlin Snow

Danielle talks about life without Killer Frost and how a search into Caitlin’s past may hold some answers about her alter ego.

Tom Cavanagh – Harry Wells

Tom talks about directing his costars  and directing the 100th episode.

Jessica Parker Kennedy – Nora West-Allen

Jessica shares details about Nora’s relationship with Iris and Barry and joining the cast of the hit show.

Danielle Nicolet – Cecile Horton

Danielle talks about Cecile’s life with a new baby and when will Cecile and Joe tie the knot!

Hartley Sawyer – Ralph Dibny

Hartley talks about joining the cast of the hit show and gets interrupted by Spider-Man?

Todd Helbing – Executive Producer

Todd share more about what the season and the 100th episode has in store for fans.

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