The anticipation for new seasons of the CW’s superheroes has been hyped since their trailers first premiered at San Diego Comic Con this past July. But, the wait is finally over! The Flash and Black Lightning returning tonight! Also this week we have the return of Riverdale (Season 3) on Wednesday and Supernatural (Season 14) on Thursday!

When we last saw Team Flash, they were celebrating the end of terror from Clifford DeVoe, the evil super-villain who collected meta powers. At the end of the season finale we were finally introduced to a character that was speeding in and out of scenes all year. This is speedster, Nora West-Allen, the future daughter of Barry and Iris. Now, we learn that Nora is far more attached to dad, Barry than mom, Iris. She is stuck is the past, so Barry and Iris learn about their future and their future relationships with her while trying to figure out the best way to correct the timeline.

We caught up with Team Flash at SDCC 2018 to talk about season 5 and the soon-to-arrive 100th episode! Check everything they have to say about the new season HERE!

The Flash Trailers

Black Lightning Trailers


Returns October 10th


Returns October 11th

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Returns October 15th

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

Returns October 22nd

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