To say The Orville‘s return is “long-awaited” is starting to feel like an understatement. The last episode of the show aired in April 2019. Due to a more ambitious story and significant COVID-related production delays, the show wasn’t able to finish shooting until last year. A few months back, a teaser trailer announced the season three release date of March 10, 2022. Today, shared by series creator, Seth MacFarlane, the show will see another delay, now releasing on June 2. But, we now have The Orville season three sneak peek.

MacFarlane shared the news on social media with the note that he understands how this new delay may frustrate already eager fans. To soften the blow, he shared our first real look at the new season with a striking and explosive cold-open preview from the season-opener along with the updated season three opening sequence. The credits include the show’s season three subtitle, “New Horizons.”

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Sneak Peek Reaction

This clip matches the show’s intensity and visual quality of the best of season two. In the preview, we see Dr. Claire Finn’s son Marcus run through the ship sprinting to find safety amidst an ongoing battle. The Kaylons have returned and the Union fleet is losing ships fast. The Orville manages to maneuver in and out of danger. Finally, he reaches his room and his brother, Ty. When Issac, a Kaylon A.I., and trusted crew member, enters the room he turns on the boys when his eyes go red and a demon mouth appears on his face.

This seems to be a dream sequence for Marcus as this is mirroring the Kaylon battle from the season two, two-parter “Identity”. Although, the likelihood of a Kaylon return in season three is likely. Seth MacFarlane shared on the “Mindscape” podcast in August 2019 that he was surprised the “Identity” episodes were such a big hit with fans as they leaned in most to the show’s sci-fi roots and away from the show’s usual genre-blending tone. Seth continued by sharing that the response to the “Identity” two-parter, was shaping the story of season three. This sneak peek aligns with this, but doesn’t offer any hints at new stories for the season. As the fandom sits on ice a little longer for a true season three trailer, this sneak peek does prove this show is worth the wait.

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