Way back in April 2019, The Orville signed off on Fox with the finale of season two. Back in July 2019 series creator and star, Seth MacFarlane announced the series would move to Hulu for the third season. This move offered a bigger production budget and commercial-free storytelling. Once the pandemic halted the already ambitious production, the series’ third season was on delay from its “late 2020” release goal. But now, we finally have a release date and a teaser trailer for The Orville‘s long-awaited return. Captain Mercer and crew will be on Hulu, March 10, 2022!

Check out The Orville teaser trailer below!

What’s more, the show has a new name, The Orville: New Horizons. This is certainly not a spinoff of the original series, but presumably, this differentiates the new season from its broadcast predecessors.

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Where were we…

When we left the crew of the “weirdest ship in the fleet” we had time traveled back to when Ed and Kelly first met. After changing her decisions in the past based on her knowledge of their future relationship, Kelly became responsible for resetting the timeline. As far as we know, the efforts of the crew were successful and the timeline was restored. Season two introduced new threats like the Kaylon but began diplomatic discussions with the season one enemy, the Krill. The series is as classic a sci-fi series as you can get. Its episodic storytelling creates a welcomed unpredictability. Many Star Trek fans have gravitated towards this show as it better reflects the classic Trek structure with “new Trek” aiming for a serialized approach.

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The Orville | Hulu
The Orville | Hulu

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