Now that Avengers: Endgame is out for everyone to watch on repeat at home. We thought you may still have questions for the craftsman behind the saga’s finale. The Russo Brothers, Anthony and Joe, toured the press citcuit to share their plans and visions behind the film. We have compiled our favorite videos that help explain everything. Many fans have questions about Captain America’s ending with Peggy Carter. Was Old Cap always around? The Russo Brothers seem to think Cap moved to an alternate timeline to carry-on his life with Peggy. Also, how long was Cap worthy of taking over the use of Mjolnir? Find answers to these questions and more below!


As a bonus, we included one very astute discussion on time travel and why Back to the Future is all BS. If you are like me, you were confused how dusting Thanos didn’t ruin the timeline because he was a Thanos from 2014. Really, I was still stuck in the Back to Future way of thinking and apparently, this Thanos was from a different timeline. Confused? Check out this very fun, and hopefully clear, explanation of time travel in Endagme.

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