There is so much to do at San Diego Comic Con, so it’s not really possible to see everything. Yet, with so much to do, there is something for everyone. If you find yourself having a day outside the Con or want to spend time in the San Diego sun, here is a list of the Top 7 free Comic Con experiences that you can see this year!

Top 7 No-Badge-Needed Experiences SDCC 2019

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon has shown up in a major way for the last few years to show off their premium content. This year, there are arriving with three shows for three activations. Amazon’s activations are very immersive and typically several minutes long, so they are worth the wait. The Expanse was saved from cancellation by Amazon, so their activation will drop the loyal fan base right into the action. The Boys and Carnival Row are new shows Amazon wants you to experience before their premieres.
MLK Promenade and 1st Drive
Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

HerUniverse Fashion Show

HerUniverse quickly became the biggest name in geek fashion, they nearly invented the genre. HerUniverse was started by actress, Ashley Eckstein who uses the Fashion Show not only as a showcase for new collections, but also as a showcase for up-and-coming designers. The show has only gained popularity, especially since it is a free event, so be sure to line up early.
Where: Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel
When: Thursday, July 18, 6 p.m.

The Orville Experience

A love letter to fans, Seth MacFarlane and company created an museum experience for fans to see costumes, concept art, and more straight from the set. Below is a note from the creator himself to explain what fans can expect.
Where: The Carnation Building at 390 11th Avenue @ J Street
When: Thursday, July 18 – Saturday, July 20

“After completing two seasons of The Orville and witnessing the wonderfully gratifying audience response, I decided I wanted to bring something directly to the fans this year — and there’s no better place to do it than San Diego Comic-Con. I’m so proud of the work of our creative team, who bring this show to life with all of their incredible costumes and props, make-up and practical FX that are so unique and specific to The Orville. We figured our fans would love to see all of it firsthand, so we pulled together an extensive collection directly from the set, and created The Orville Experience. We look forward to showcasing it this weekend for as many fans as possible.” – Seth MacFarlane

Star Trek: Picard

“Jean-Luc Picard: The First Duty” Exhibit offers a first look into the forthcoming Star Trek: Picard series coming to CBS All Access. The museum experience will offer a look into the decades of Picard’s career. Artifacts, props and costumes will be from Star Trek: The Next Generation, the TNG-era films and the new show.
Where: Michael J Wolf Fine Arts, 363 Fifth Ave.
When: Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

Fox Fan Fair

Leaving behind the photo booths over years past, Fox Fan Fair is bringing in an amusement park to celebrate their beloved animated shows. Expect a Ferris wheel, free swag and AR experiences to immerse you into the world of Fox animation.
Where: Children’s Museum Park & Children’s Park, 200 W. Island Ave.
When: Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

NBC Comedy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was saved from cancellation and is now coming to Comic Con to celebrate. The show’s activation gives loyal fans the change to join the Nine-Nine. The Good Place is sharing a restaurant experience, IHOP (Inter-dimensional Hole of Pancakes). Also, Superstore comes to the con with photo-ops.
Where: Children’s Museum Park & Children’s Park, 200 W. Island Ave.
When: Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

The Batman Experience

The soon-to-be Comic Con Museum is bringing a celebration of Batman for the 80th anniversary of the Caped Crusader. This pop-up museum includes memorabilia from the characters long history and a new VR experience.
Where: Comic-Con Museum Pop-Up in Balboa Park
When: Thursday, July 18 – Sunday, July 21

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