WandaVision’s premiere episodes were filled with so many Easter eggs and nods to classic TV, there are too many to count! We have made a list of a few of our favorites that jumped out to us while watching the show.

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Marvel Easter Eggs

  • The Stark Industries Toaster in episode 1’s commercial cutaway.
  • A Hydra logo on the watch in episode 2’s commercial cutaway.
  • Maison du Mépris Wine bottle – This translates to “House of Misery” and may represent House of M, a Scarlett Witch comic storyline about Wanda having a mental breakdown.
  • The SWORD logo on the helicopter and beekeeper suit.
  • Neighbor Agnes may turn out to be Wanda’s mentor Agatha Harkness or Auntie A.
  • Imagery of Vision’s Mind Stone on the magic box.

Non-Marvel Easter Eggs

  • Dick Van Dyke Show & Bewitched house sets as inspiration.
  • Episode 2 featured a bunny which could be a call out for Buffy fans who know Emma Caulfield (Wanda’s Housewife leader, Dottie) best as bunny-hating ex-demon Anya.
  • The moments of color in the black and white world references the style of 1999’s Pleasantville. This film was about two present-day teens getting pulled into a 50s black & white TV show, only to influence it through modernizing the culture and transforming the town into color.
  • Wanda and Vision sleeping in separate beds is a nod to early TV which was legally only able to show couples in separate beds.
  • Many of the special effects were created the same way effects were created in the 1950s and 1960s for TV. No CGI here – okay maybe a little.

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What WandaVision Easter Eggs did you see in the episodes? Do you have any predictions for what will happen in WandaVision? Share in the comments!

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