Welcome to Westview in the 1970s! Our favorite super-couple find themselves at the point of change and excitement, yet still, things seem a bit off. We have mapped out WandaVision Easter eggs for episode 3 to help figure out what is really going on with Wanda.

*Spoilers Ahead*

The third episode of WandaVision called, “Now in Color,” finds Wanda and Vision processing Wanda’s pregnancy that is moving along at an alarming rate. She finds herself at full term in days instead of months leaving Vision baffled but excited at the prospect of his new arrivals. As we move through the episode the title offers the idea that maybe there is some clarity about this situation coming to some characters.

WandaVision | Diseny+

Marvel Easter Eggs

  • SWORD – It is all but confirmed that S.W.O.R.D. is around and apart of this illusion and Wanda knows.
  • Billy and Tommy are the names of Wanda and Vision’s kids that eventually become part of the Young Avengers.
  • Hydra Soak Commercial – Agent Coulson on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. thought Hydra may be using a blue soap to control minds.
  • Geraldine breaks her trance and references Quicksilver’s death by Ultron. She tried to ignore what she remembered to protect herself from Wanda.
  • Wanda kicked out Geraldine – Her iconic red magic wrapped around Geraldine until she landed outside of the projection space.
  • Seeing that Westview is being created by projection, is this the same tech used against Peter in Spider-Man: Far From Home?
WandaVision | Diseny+

Non-Marvel Easter Eggs

  • Billy is the name selected in reference to William Shakespeare, so Vision does have some sense of the larger world.
  •  The Hydra Soak Commercial is a nearly shot-for-shot of a real 1980 commercial for Calgon Bath Soap.
  • The Brady Bunch house is the most iconic TV homes from the 1970s, so their living room and staircase are the clear inspirations for the set.
  • The opening theme song references The Partridge Family‘s original theme song while the graphics resemble The Brady Bunch and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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Lingering Questions

  • Is SWORD trying to keep Wanda in or help Wanda get out?
  • Who is Agnes? She knows more than she says but is she working to help or hurt Wanda and the others in town?
  • Who is Dottie really? Could she be alternate reality superhero, Arcanna, from Squadron Supreme pulled from another dimension by Wanda’s powers?
  • All theme songs use hexagons in their graphics, is this in reference to something specific, or is this just a design choice for consistency between eras?

Did you find another WandaVision Easter eggs in episode 3? Share in the comments!

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