Writer’s Guidelines

Writer’s Guidelines

Welcome to BestEntertainmentReviews.com. We aim to provide readers with accessible, readable reviews that tell them if they should see a film or watch a TV show quickly.

Review Dos and Don’ts


  • Be timely. If you write a review for a new film, please write it the first weekend of the film’s release.
  • For broadcast television shows it is OK to watch a few episodes before writing. We have no plans for episode-by-episode series reviews. We want to let people know if they should watch a show. After the initial review, write another review at a major break, like holiday breaks, or following the conclusion of a major story line.
  • For streaming, write after you’ve completed your binge of the full season.
  • Read, re-read and edit. Please turn in your best work. We are a small operation and we edit the material internally. Make it as easy as possible for us to publish your work.
  • Have a point of view. Say what you think, use examples from the work to reinforce your perspective.
  • Be brief. We want people to read your work and then make an informed choice. A review should be about 500 words.
  • Read examples from the site.
  • Once published, do feel free to reference your work, share online and use us for a conference/convention or other press registration purposes. We are happy to write assignment letters if you make a pitch and we bite ahead of time.


  • Don’t write plot summaries. Plenty of other sites do that, we aren’t those sites.
  • Please send us a pitch for long-form essays on current films or television shows before writing.
  • Don’t copy anything from anyone else and pass it off as your own.
  • Don’t worry about graphics. We’ll work as best we can with the studios for images.

Currently, all writers are unpaid positions. This is a labor of love until it becomes an economically viable business. When that happens, we’ll work out an approach to share the profits with our contributors.

What else can you write?

BestEntertainmentReviews.com also accepts entertainment-related news, opinions, observations and commentary about popular culture, including reviews of physical items like toys and collectibles. Reviews should be short (around 500 words). If you feel compelled to write something long, pitch us first or go ahead and send it in. Anything long should be about a topic bigger than one film or one season of a show.


Send questions to: info@bestentertainmentreviews.com

Send submissions and pitches to: submissions@bestentertainmentreviews.com


Thank you for considering BestEntertainmentReviews.com.  We look forward to seeing your work.


BestEntertainmentReviews.com retains the right to reprint editorial material for promotional use by BestEntertainmentReviews.com publication, with credit given. If you want to reuse work on a website or use it in a collection, please let us know in advance.